Dave's Top 25 Surfing Spots

  1. 24 - My favorite TV show. Has photos, bios., and you can watch each episode.
  2. ANNE McCAFFREY'S WORLD - ThisWeb site has information about all of her books.
  3. CBS SPORTS - The best network for sports information on the Internet. If you love sports--this site is for you.
  4. CIA - The top spy agency in the world. Has links to other US intelligence community sites.
  5. C\NET CENTRAL - The Computer Network on the Internet. A very unique web site.
  6. COMICS PAGE - The Comic-Strip & Comic Book site. The nexus of all comics Web sites.
  7. COOL SITE OF THE DAY - A different cool site each day. Has archives to previous cool sites.
  8. DALLAS COWBOYS - If you love "Da Boys"--this site is for you.
  9. DISCOVERY CHANNEL - My favorite cable channel. Interesting stories, and multimedia.
  10. DISNEY.COM - For all of us Mouseketter's of any age. Has links to other Disney sites.
  11. ECKANKAR - Religion of the Light and Sound of God.
  12. GODSERVER - Search over 70135 alternative health and spiritual Web sites.
  13. MICROSOFT - The software giants home page. A vast site with a wealth of resources.
  14. NASA - America's space program on the web. Educational and fun with many links.
  15. UFO SEEK - Everything UFO related.
  16. PEPSI WORLD - My favorite drink. Sometimes has wonderful VRML and JAVA experiences.
  17. SPIRITUAL CINEMA CIRCLE - Great site to rent spiritually uplifting movies.
  18. STATE of TEXAS - Official Web site for the Lone Star State.
  19. TOP 100 - User ratings & reviews of Web sites guide you to the best of the Web.
  20. TRAVELOCITY - Great place for travel arrangements. Make your own reservations.
  21. VEGWEB - For those who would rather not eat the flesh of animals.
  22. THE WEATHER CHANNEL - Get the latest weather forcasts for anywhere in the USA.
  23. WEBOPEDIA - Online dictionary and search engine for computer and Internet technology definations.
  24. WIKIPEDIA - Online free encyclopedia written collaboratively by volunteers from all around the world.
  25. WWW CONSORTIUM - Excellent information about the World Wide Web, and it's future.

Dr. David L. Dorr, Ph.D.